Tinkit FAQ's

Q: I forgot my Password. How can I reset my Password?

A: Click on the Forgot Password link in the Tinkit login screen. Enter your registered email address and hit Reset. You will receive an email to the registered email address with the password reset link. Click the link to reset the password.
Q: Where do I create a New Card and add to my Account Profile?

A: Go to the Designer page to create new card and to access all available card templates. The Designer page can be accessed in two ways: 1) In the Home Page, click on the Designer page tab on bottom of screen, then click Add New to add new card to account profile; or 2) In the Home Page, go to Rolodex view, and scroll to Add New.
Q: I have card that I no longer user and want to delete. How can I delete a specific card I have in added to my Account?

A: From Rolodex view, click on the card you no longer use and want to delete. Selected card will open the card details page. Click the ellipses button in the upper-righthand of the screen. A list of options will populate. Click Delete and you will then be prompted to confirm your delete request. Once you confirm delete, card will be removed from account and profile.
Q: I need to change my password. How can I change my password?

A: Please see FAQ response on how to reset password.
Q: I no longer want my Tinkit Account. How can I delete my account?

A: From the Home page, click on Settings icon in upper-righthand of screen to open Settings page. Select Account, then click Edit Account. Scroll to bottom of Edit Profile screen options to either Save Changes or Delete Account. Hit Delete Account. You will need to confirm delete account request. Once confirmed, account will be deleted from the Tinkit application.
Q: What do the card analytics mean and where can I find them?

A: Great question. You can see a whole overview of your card and business group analytics in the Settings page, as well as a card by card breakdown. Every card in your rolodex also contains analytics showing what’s happening with your card in Tinkit, accessible on the Card Detail page for each card. Let’s break the analytics categories down:

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